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Home / Join Us / Special Activity Membership

Special Activity Membership

Membership Description

The SAM is a non-transferable, individual membership that entitles the SAM Member to participate in the Ideal 18 Programs. A qualified SAM Member may also request use of an Ideal 18 sailboat during operating hours of the NBC launch service, when not in use for club sponsored programs. Participation in Ideal 18 Programs shall require an individual SAM and is not open to individuals lacking this membership. SAMs may be held by an individual who is 18 years of age or older. Exceptions to this age requirement may be granted by approval of the Board of Governors.

Membership Terms

The SAM membership drive begins during the Winter prior to the Spring season intended to sail. We fill our membership in the Ideal Program very quickly. The membership is a one-year membership after which a SAM Member must apply to NBC to be an active member with the full rights, privileges and obligations of membership in the Club. If the SAM Member opts not to apply for active general membership then his/her membership at NBC will end.

As a SAM Member the club facilities (grill, kitchen, patio etc.) will be available for use. The SAM Member may attend general membership meetings though they may not vote. SAM members will not be able to rent any facilities without special permission from the Board of Govenors.

Reserving a club-owned boat for open sailing

To reserve a club-owned boat the SAM member shall demonstrate sailing proficiency to the Sailing Director. During open hours of sailing (when the boats are not in use for club sponsored programs) a SAM member may have non-members as crew. PFDs must be worn when on the water. The boats should be reserved, approved, and must be signed out. No more than 4 persons may be aboard a club owned boat. The boat may only be sailed within the boundaries defined by the NBC. The SAM member is responsible for compliance with these regulations.

Ideal 18 Sailing Program Fees

Please contact the Ideal Admissions Committee for the current fees. All programs and the use of the club-owned Ideal 18s are included in this fee. There are no additional charges.

Applying for SAM Membership

Send an email to with your name, phone # and any other info describing your interest in this program and you will be placed on our mailing list for recruitment. During this process, you will be asked to fill out an application form if your candidacy progresses.

Last updated 9:01am on 26 October 2023

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